Astrolabe Stories

It's all about stories. Our past, future, and present. Now we want to tell our stories - meaningful and unique.


Astrolabe Stories is a gaming project of Games’ Development and Research Association GameUP. The main aim of Astrolabe Stories is to make meaningful games with unforgettable stories. We are a group of experienced storytellers and enthusiasts of story design. Just as the astrolabe showed the direction of travel, for us such a way of navigating is telling unique stories. With a group of our students, we decided to start our journey together and make our first game.

Each of us appreciates games with stories that touch the heart and make us think about life. That is why we want to create stories that will leave a mark on players' memories.

"Last Threshold" is our first game, heavily inspired by the work of H.P. Lovecraft and his followers, which allows you to learn about the extraordinary history of a mysterious temple in Siberia. We decided on the visual novel genre because we wanted the player to empathize with the hero struggling with the dark secrets of the temple, difficult weather conditions, and his own past.

Now we are working on new projects, in which we want to focus on telling the stories of protagonists, whose fates will allow us to tell a bit more about human nature and much more! You will have to wait a little longer for more information. Stay tuned!


  • Adam Flamma - Father of chaos (and games)
  • Nina Świłło - Miracle maker (art, graphics, and managing)
  • Szymon Stoczek - Father of stories (yep, that's him!)
  • Szymon Makuch - Wizard of finances (and copyright - love of his life)
  • Fazal Khan - Video and VFX Magic Maker (visual magic - bringing imagination to life)
  • Michał Hawełka - IT guy
  • Aleksandra Browarska - Lady of Stories (writer)
  • Patrycja Skałecka-Wodziczko - Lady of Art (lead graphic designer)
  • Sara Grzelak - 2d miracle maker (2d artist)
  • Antoni Jastrzębski - 2d miracle maker (2d artist)
  • Bartosz Wardaszko - 2d miracle maker (2d artist)
  • Wiktor Pawlik - Master of Design (gameplay designer)
  • Ilias Abdeljalil - Lord of the code (programmer)


  1. We started thinking about making our debut game.

  2. We made a team ready for all types of challenges :)

  3. Conceptual work on the game has started - the fun has just begun!

  4. We started the real game development process. It's starting to get serious ;)

  5. The release of our first game "Last Threshold"!

  6. We begun co-operation with Feardemic sp. z.o.o. for publishing "Last Threshold" on consoles

  7. "Last Threshold" release on Nintendo Switch console


Available on SteamAvailable on Nintendo Switch


"Last Threshold" is a visual novel game inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, as well as historical events (exile to Siberia). During the game, the player learns the history of the expedition to investigate the mysterious ruins of a temple belonging to the Siberian people of Chukchi.

The game is available in Polish, English, German, French, and in near future also in Spanish.